History About The JCCL!

From its inception in 1996, the JCCL was designed as an environment where students could do hands on work to enhance and illuminate their formal studies. With the passing of Dr. John C. Comfort, the CIS faculty determined that this place of learning should be rededicated. The lab embodies many of the teaching philosophies of Dr. Comfort who valued “hands-on learning” and liked seeing “students peering into the machine”. The rededication of the Advanced Undergraduate Lab honors Dr. Comfort’s memory as an educator and founder of both Florida International University and the School of Computing and Informational Sciences.

As Dr. Toby Berk recalled at the dedication ceremony, Dr. Comfort took his role of educating students seriously. He was known to “devise clever, (some students would say “devilish”) assignments.” Dr. Comfort was “continually trying new ideas”, “always devising creative and new ways to teach.” Dr. Comfort had an enthusiasm about teaching that was vital. “He loved working with students.” Teaching “was important to him;” it was “more than just doing his job.”

We strive to keep Dr. John C. Comfort’s memory alive in the JCCL by working to keep it a vital, active, innovative place for students to gather to study and “get their hands dirty”.